Important Update: Safe Harbor Eviction Protection Period Extended

  • Oregon Legislators recently held a special session to extend eviction protections known as “Safe Harbor” protections in Oregon (SB 278). As a result of recent legislation, tenants have protection from eviction upon showing their documentation of rental assistance application to their landlord. These protections replace the 60-day period (90 days in some jurisdictions) and now cover the entire time an application is being processed (up until September 30, 2022.)
  • In order to be protected, tenants must give proof of application to their landlord right away (by June 30, 2022 at the latest, or at or before any first court appearance, whichever is sooner.)
  • Anyone who has already applied for assistance and shown documentation of their application to their landlord at or before any first court appearance is now protected from nonpayment eviction until their application is processed.
  • Landlords are required to give 10 days of notice of termination of tenancy for nonpayment until September 30, 2022.
  • Landlords may begin eviction proceedings if you’ve missed rent and haven’t begun an application – apply to an open rental assistance program right away to access these protections!
  • If your application is closed or denied or paid in an amount that is less than is owed, your landlord can move forward with the eviction process for unpaid months.
  • If you have questions about eviction protections, please visit the Oregon Law Center’s website for updates at

Complete your emergency rental assistance application before December 1

Renters in need of assistance are encouraged to apply for the Oregon Emergency Rental Assistance Program (OERAP) by December 1 at 11:59pm. At that time the program will pause accepting applications for a minimum of six weeks. Pausing new submissions will allow for processing and assessment of funding availability. Currently more than $300 Million dollars of Federal assistance has been requested. After December 1 Oregonians can apply to local programs in their community for rent and utility assistance and to receive eviction protections. If additional funds become available the portal will re-open following the 6-week pause. If you’ve already submitted and completed an application this will not affect you. Applicants who have registered on the portal will still be able to login and view the status of their application. To learn more or find other resources, go to the Tenant Resources Page or Frequently Asked Questions page.

Oregon’s Eviction Moratorium has ended. Apply for rental assistance today.

Applying for rental assistance can help pause potential evictions. The Oregon Legislature recently established a safe harbor period through Senate Bill 278 that provides stronger eviction protections than the latest CDC moratorium. In order to qualify for these protections, if you get a nonpayment eviction notice, you must apply for rental assistance and provide documentation of your application for assistance to your landlord. If you do this, you cannot be evicted for 60 days (90 days in Multnomah County) from the time you provide the documentation to your landlord. This gives you extra time to allow your rent assistance application to be processed and payments made to your landlord. The 60-day clock begins the moment you provide documentation to your landlord that you’ve applied for assistance, and you can provide the documentation up until what is called “first appearance” in Court. You should record the date you provide the documentation to your landlord. Go to for more information or to seek legal advice.

Tenants whose landlord has taken them to eviction court can call the Eviction Defense Project line (888-585-9638) or email the Project ( to seek legal help. Tenants should leave a message on the intake line or by emailing with their name, date of birth, and eviction case number.

Rental assistance programs can provide financial help, and thanks to recently passed legislation, provide more time to avoid eviction. These programs can cover past, current or future rent and are not a loan. If you need rent assistance you should apply for July and future rent right away. (If you have previously applied you may be eligible for additional assistance to cover future months. Keep checking back for the latest information about additional rental assistance to ensure your future rent is paid.) Once you’ve applied, save the pre-qualification letter. Proof you’ve applied can be used to delay eviction by 60 days (90 days for Multnomah) if you present the letter to your landlord.

You have the right to these protections regardless of your citizenship status.