Oregon’s Eviction Moratorium has ended. Apply for rental assistance today.

Applying for rental assistance can help with rent and utilities and can also help pause potential evictions. The Oregon Legislature recently established a safe harbor period through Senate Bill 278 that provides stronger eviction protections than the latest CDC moratorium. In order to qualify for these protections, if you get a nonpayment eviction notice, you must apply for rental assistance and provide documentation of your application for assistance to your landlord. If you do this, you cannot be evicted for 60 days (90 days in Multnomah County) from the time you provide the documentation to your landlord. This gives you extra time to allow your rent assistance application to be processed and payments made to your landlord. The 60-day clock begins the moment you provide documentation to your landlord that you’ve applied for assistance, and you can provide the documentation up until what is called “first appearance” in Court. You should record the date you provide the documentation to your landlord. Go to www.oregonlawhelp.org for more information or to seek legal advice.

Tenants whose landlord has taken them to eviction court can call the Eviction Defense Project line (888-585-9638) or email the Project (evictiondefense@oregonlawcenter.org) to seek legal help. Tenants should leave a message on the intake line or by emailing with their name, date of birth, and eviction case number.”

Rental assistance programs can provide financial help, and thanks to recently passed legislation, provide more time to avoid eviction. These programs can cover past, current or future rent and are not a loan. If you need rent assistance you should apply for July and future rent right away. (If you have previously applied you may be eligible for additional assistance to cover future months. Keep checking back for the latest information about additional rental assistance to ensure your future rent is paid.) More than $200 million dollars of rental assistance is available in the Oregon Emergency Rental Assistance Program. On other pages on this website, you will find information for tenants, information for landlords, frequently asked questions and a video explaining the application process. Once you’ve applied, save the pre-qualification letter. Proof you’ve applied can be used to delay eviction by 60 days (90 days for Multnomah) if you present the letter to your landlord.

You have the right to these protections regardless of your citizenship status.